A Successful Parish Trip to Pisa!

A group of 34 headed to Pisa on 13 May for a weeklong educational/fundraising trip under the expert guidance of Professor Alistair Rowan.  Alistair had done a huge amount of work to make sure everything ran like clockwork, and it did.  Apart from one wet morning, we enjoyed lovely weather and delicious Italian food, along with a glorious tour of churches, fabulous villas, and gardens, all brought to life by Alistair’s eloquent explanations and backed up by a 38 page information booklet, which he had prepared for us.  And the best bit?  There was a surplus of €4,173 that will go toward our restoration programme!  Many thanks to Alistair and the trip participants for a fun and informative trip.

Next Fundraising Sale: Sunday, 10 June—Volunteer Bakers Needed!

Our final fundraising bake, book—and DVDs, this time around!—sale before the summer holidays will be Sunday, 10 June after the 11.00am service.  We had a great turnout last month thanks to a huge variety of goods for sale, and would love to replicate that success. We greatly encourage the congregation to volunteer their homemade cakes, tarts, tray bakes—or whatever else you enjoy baking!  All goods may be dropped off in the parish room before the service.

Wait, make that €1800 raised for Christian Aid!

Traudi is pleased to adjust the sum raised during Christian Aid Week from €1720 to €1800!  This total includes the funds raised during the parish lunch on Sunday, 13 May, as well as some very generous donations received throughout the week.  Traudi is very grateful to everyone who brought food, set up the room, and washed the dishes. The generosity of our parishioners during Christian Aid Week has been overwhelming.  Thank you to everyone for your support!

Corpus Christi and BBQ: 31 May

Join us for the feast of Corpus Christi on Thursday, 31 May at Saint Bartholomew’s.  The Solemn Eucharist begins at 7.00pm (please note earlier time) and will be followed by the annual parish BBQ.  We need your help in ensuring that there is enough food and drink for everyone!  If you would like to bring sandwiches, a bowl of salad, some finger foods, or soft drinks, please write your name on the sheet at the back of the church with the item of food or drink that you intend to bring on the night.  We also need volunteers to help with setting up and cleaning up, so please write your name and contact details on the same sheet if you are available for this.  Thank you!

€1720 Raised at Parish Lunch for Christian Aid

Parishioners will be pleased to know that a sum of €1720 was raised at the parish lunch for Christian Aid on Sunday, 13 May.  This total included some very generous donations.  Anyone who would like to make a contribution can still do so this Sunday.  Traudi is very grateful to those who brought food, set up the room, and washed the dishes.  Thank you to everyone for your support!

Guest Preacher Dee Huddleston this Sunday

This Sunday, Dee Huddleston from Christian Aid Ireland will be our guest preacher at the Solemn Eucharist service.  Dee has travelled to India with the organisation to lend assistance to some of the country’s neediest communities. She enjoys sharing her experiences and we look forward to welcoming her!

For more information about Dee and Christian Aid, please click here.

Please be sure to stick around after the service for our parish lunch.  The usual tea and coffee will be served along with a light lunch to raise funds for Christian Aid.  This event is our main fundraiser during Christian Aid Week and has been very well supported in the past.  We hope that many parishioners will be able to join us again this year!