What is Love?

‘What is Love?’ : a concert of seventeenth-century lute songs and madrigals took place on Wednesday 16 July at 1pm. What a delight this fifty-minute concert was with a quartet from Christ Church Cathedral Choir – soprano Sue Rynhart; alto Tuula Voutilainen; tenor Ernest Dines; and bass Barra Lysaght, with their lute player from London, Chris Goodwin. The beauty of their voices, the so-sensitive lute playing, the glorious madrigals, and the wonderful acoustic, particularly just outside the screen, all combined to provide us with a mid-day uplifting experience. Apparently this was a first venture for the quartet which they then repeated the next day in the Goethe Institute. Fortunately they promised Fraser they would return another time to sing in Saint Bartholomew’s. So many of us live some distance away from the church; we need to keep in touch or at least fill in one of the beige forms Fraser has been leaving around the church so that efforts will be made to alert us to events such as this. Indeed, sometimes opportunities for a concert such as this come up with little time to spread the word. Thank you Fraser.

Bobby Barden