Parish Study Group

A few months ago I mentioned starting a parish study group with a preliminary meeting in August. Unfortunately we have been unable to arrange a meeting for August, as it can be a busy time for some and a holiday period for others. However, I would like to begin the meetings in September. The first meeting will take place in Saint Bartholomew’s parish room on Thursday 25th September at 8pm. We will meet once a month throughout the year, and to focus our studies we will be looking at “Reading The Bible Again For The First Time” by Marcus J. Borg (ISBN 0-06-060919-2). This book will serve as an introduction to our study of the scriptures. The book may need to be ordered. You can take the information above to any good book store willing to place an order for you. You may also purchase the book online at or (good for cheap second-hand volumes!). When you get your book, please read Part One: Foundations, in preparation for the meeting in September. If you have any trouble ordering a copy of this book, please get in touch with me. Anyone is welcome to join the study group, even if you are not part of Christ Church, Leeson Park, or Saint Bartholomew’s, Clyde Road. Do come and join us!