175th Anniversary of the Oxford movement

As part of the commemorations occurring this year in relation to the Oxford Movement, which we in Saint Bartholomew’s are of course deeply indebted to, will be a lecture given by the Revd Patrick Comerford, ‘The Anglo-Catholic Movement: more relevant today than ever!’. This lecture will take place in Saint Bartholomew’s on Saturday 29th November at 7pm. The Oxford movement had, and today continues to have a profound effect upon Anglicanism. Its insistence on the centrality of the Eucharist and upon the use of the ceremonial has become both commonplace and widely accepted as normative. Anglo-Catholicism has always had a deep concern for issues of social justice, and in its day the Oxford movement worked to secure rights for those in rental property, just wages, better industrial conditions for workers and attempted also to lower infant mortality rates through education programmes and better social conditions. The theology, liturgical ceremony and social concern of the Anglo-Catholic movement continues to have a huge impact on the world-wide Anglican communion today.