Recording the CD

The CD was made up of well-known songs but they were slightly changed. During the recording the church was filled with music and the words “cut”, “retake” and my favourite word, rather sentence, “that’s a wrap”.

Sometimes someone would make a mistake like cough, sneeze or rustle their papers and so the song or piece of music would start over again. The CD recording was one of the few times that boys, girls and men got together and sang.

One song that all three choirs sang together (and my mum’s favourite) would be O Holy Night. When the recording came to a close you could tell the atmosphere was changing. A bit of joy because all our hard work was nearly over, a bit of sadness because we had fun making the CD and a bit overwhelmed (well me) because it all happened so fast (four days doesn’t seem like a very long time, does it!).

When the CD was finally released at the Christmas concert you can bet that we all like the way it turned out, and hearing us at our best was great too. All in all, I think it’s safe to say that the recording was a big success and we all loved making it.

By Maya McNair, a member of the Girls’ Choir.