Parish Study Group

This year the study group will be looking at differing faith traditions within our city. We are often aware of many differing religious groups within the city, but we often know very little about them. This series of talks hopes to be a point of education and an opportunity for representatives of those faith traditions to have an opportunity to present their faith in their own words and explain some of their practice. The series begins on Tuesday 9th February at 8pm in the Parish Room. All are welcome to join us for these talks.

9th February: Dr Norbert Hintersteiner ‘Introducing Inter-Faith Dialogue’

Dr Hintersteiner specialises in comparative theology and the study of religions. He held positions at Catholic University in Washington DC, the Universities of Vienna and Mainz and the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands before being appointed to the Irish School Of Ecumenics here in Dublin.

16th February: Dr Alan Peatfield ‘The Way of the Dao’

Dr Peatfield is college lecturer in Greek archaeology in UCD who has held a life-long interest in Daoism.

23rd February: Ani Tsondru: ‘Tibetan Buddhism’

Ani Tsondru is a Tibetan Buddhist nun working in Kagyu Samye Dzong here in Dublin. Originally a native of Dublin, Ani has also spent time at the Kagyu Samye Dzong in central London. The centres offer regular times for prayer, readings and meditation.

2nd March: Yahya Al-Hussein: ‘Islam in Ireland’

Yahya Al-Hussein is Imam of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI) at Clonskeagh, Dublin. The ICCI is a friendly society and a registered charity, originally set up by students in 1959, establishing Ireland’s first Mosque in 1976. ICCI has been the official representative of Muslims in Ireland and looks after the religious, educational and social needs of Muslims in Ireland.

9th March: Mrs Joan Finkel: ‘Judaism Today’

Mrs Joan Finkel is a member of the Dublin Jewish Progressive Congregation which she has been closely involved in since its foundation in 1946. As a former President and Honorary Secretary to the congregation, Joan Finkel has given many talks to many different groups on Judaism and the importance of interfaith dialogue today.

Fr Andrew