The Riverrun Piano Quartet – Saturday 24 April

Maybe Fraser had underplayed what he had achieved in arranging this totally professional concert. The violinist, violist and cellist were all members of our National Symphony Orchestra while the pianist is chairman and senior examiner in the Royal Irish Academy of Music who studied under John O’Connor and is a jury member of the AXA Dublin International Piano Competition. We are all accustomed to the beautiful sound of choral music in Saint Bartholomew’s but just hear how wonderfully strings reverberate around our nave. The Schumann and Brahms were a treat for us all to hear, whether young or aged. Sadly the attendance was disappointing.

The Quartet used this concert as a preparation for a series they are giving in the Hugh Lane Gallery in the near future. A lot of enthusiastic effort goes into setting up these concerts so that Saint Bartholomew’s becomes known as a beautiful church to be in and a lovely venue for music.

Let us all endeavour to more fully support these concerts. Take a leaflet from the back of the church, come along and bring your friends. They will thank you!

Bobby Barden