Last year we launched a new initiative at harvest to try and avoid some of the associated food waste of previous years. We decorated the church with fruits that could be made into jam (with thanks to the jam making skills of John Slattery) and then we were able to sell the jam made for the parish funds as an expression of our thankfulness for the harvest.

This year we will have our harvest on 6th October and the church will be open on Saturday 5th October from 11:00am to receive the produce. If you would like to bring items other than fruit to decorate the church we will also receive these, but please make arrangements to either take them home for consumption after the service, or for distribution to places where they will be used and appreciated.

Please bear in mind that the vast majority of Nursing Homes and Shelters plan their food stocks well in advance and there are now very, very few who will accept harvest food baskets.