Heritage Week Events

Join us this Heritage Week for two special presentations on the architecture of Saint Bartholomew’s:

Hidden Stories in Stained Glass: Saturday, 18 August at 11.00am

Twenty-one windows flood Saint Bartholomew’s Church with coloured light and each one tells its own story. What tales are told in the pictures in the glass? What do they reveal about the history of our church?  Join Professor Alistair Rowan as he delves into the stained glass tradition of Saint Bartholomew’s, exploring who made these windows, how they were crafted, and how they came to be such an integral component of the church’s character.

If Stones could Speak: Wednesday, 22 August at 8.00pm

Every historic building has a story to tell—built, you could say, into the very fabric of its walls.  Who built it?  Why is it there?  Who designed it, and why does it look the way it does?  How did Saint Bartholomew’s, with its richly painted interior and intricate mosaic floors, become one of the most unique and colourful buildings within the Church of Ireland?  Join Professor Alistair Rowan as he decodes the narratives within the church’s extraordinary interior.


No tickets or pre-booking are required for these events–simply show up and be prepared for an interesting discussion!