Back to church

We look forward to welcoming you back to church and providing a safe environment for worship beginning on Sunday 5th July 2020 with an 9am and 11am service. There will be no week-day services and no Choral Evensong at this time. There are a number of important things to draw to your attention to enable us to continue providing services.

  • Please observe social distancing at all times and use hand sanitiser on entering and on leaving the building.
  • We strongly recommend the wearing of face masks for our services and would request that you bring your own each Sunday. Hand made face masks of a double layer are suitable.
  • Sit only in pews with a red cushion and in the position of the service sheet and at the end of the service leave your service booklet on your pew seat. Members of the same household may sit together in the same pew.
  • Communion in one kind will be distributed to you in your pew.
  • Please do not share the peace at this time and if you do have any symptoms of covid19 or have been in recent contact with anyone who has the virus please stay at home for the safety of others and to reduce spread. If you develop symptoms in the week following a service please contact me as soon as possible to enable contact tracing.
  • Please bring a piece of paper with your name and contact number on it when you come to church and drop it into the box provided at the door. This will only be used for contact tracing to ensure your safety if we have an outbreak of the virus. It is recommended that those who are cocooning and people with underlying health issues do not attend services at this time.
  • A retiring collection will be taken at the end and a plate will be left on the table near the exit as you leave.
  • Please leave in an orderly fashion, filing out from the back of the church first, one pew at a time, to ensure safe social distancing.
  • Toilet facilities will not be available.

We hope that these measures will enable a safe environment for you which will enable us to continue to meet for worship in these days. The service will be a Said Eucharist and shorter than normal.

Check List for Coming to Church

  1. Bring a piece of paper with your name and contact number on it and place it in the box provided
  2. Observe social distancing at all times
  3. Use the hand sanitiser provided or bring your own for use on entering and on leaving the church
  4. Wear a face mask while in the building
  5. Sit only in pews with a red cushion and in the spot where a service booklet is.

If we have reached capacity you may not be able to enter the church. We have two morning services that you can attend. If, as we proceed in this manner, we find that we need more services, they will be arranged.

If you are unable to attend the Said Eucharist an audio link will be available on our website on Sunday evenings.