Nigel Kenneth Dunne (1990)

Rector of St Peter’s, Bandon, and Canon of St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, Cork.

Andrew Robert Wagstaff (1986)

Returned to his native Southwell, he was Vicar of St George’s in the Meadows, Nottingham and is now Vicar of Worksop Priory, Nottingham.

Edward George Ardis (1981)

A native of Armagh and graduate of Durham he served as a country incumbent before his now to the West where he was Dean of Killala. Recently returned to Dublin he is now Rector of Donnybrook and Irishtown.

Albert Joy Ogle (1980)

Fr Ogle left Ireland for North America and serves in the Episcopal Church of the USA.

Richard Lionel Clarke (Bp) (1977)

A graduate of King’s College, London, Dr Clarke served as Dean of Residence at Trinity College and was an incumbent in Bandon before becoming Dean of Cork. He is currently Bishop of Meath and Kildare.

James Francis Hammond (1972)

A devoted priest of great gentleness the illnesses which beset him, did nothing to diminish the affection of those whom he served and those with whom he worked. Another priest who, in the eyes of the world, died too young.

Brian Harold McMurray (1969)

A native of Down he was ordained for Armagh and served as Chaplain to the Royal School before moving to a parish in the diocese of Southwark. He remained in the English Church until his untimely death.

John Thomas Farquhar Paterson (1966)

See entry on Vicars page.

Alan Bird Crawford (1962)

Now a Benedictine Monk at Glenstal Abbey.

Harold Denis McKee (1958)

Became Precentor of St Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, Sheffield.

Henry Homan Warner (1955)

See entry on Vicars page.

Bertram William Nicholas Walsh (1953)

John Alexander McAteer (1947)

Robert Norman Sydney Craig (1944)

See entry on Vicars page.

Roderick Norman Coote (Bp) (1938)

George Otto Simms (Bp) (1935)

Raymond Gordon Finney Jenkins (1932)

Noel Henry Franz Waring (1925)

Claude Beaufort Moss (1920)

Owen Randall Slacke (1919)

Daniel Clarke (1941)

Joshua Luke Seward Smylie (1915)

John Lubbock Robinson (1909)

Herbert Newcombe Craig (1905)

William Rathborne Supple (1888)

William Dudley Saul Fletcher (1887)

Robert Johnstone (1873)

Lewen Burton Weldon (1872)

Frederick Tymons (1867)

Nigel Kenneth Dunne
Nigel Kenneth Dunne

Andrew Robert Wagstaff
Andrew Robert Wagstaff

Alan Bird Crawford
Alan Bird Crawford

Henry Homan Warner
Henry Homan Warner

John Alexander McAteer
John Alexander McAteer

Robert Norman Sydney Craig
Robert Norman Sydney Craig