The Select Vestry appointed Howley Hayes Architects to advise on and to supervise the restoration of the building in 2014. A detailed report was prepared outlining the action to be taken. Since the project commenced in 2014, the parish has raised €1,159,825 which includes a substantial donation from a private contributor, grants from the Representative Church Body Fabric Fund, Dublin City Council, the Heritage Council, All Churches Trust, and tax back on all donations over €250.

The project continues to be organised on a phased basis.  The church is now weather and watertight.  The tower work is due to commence in November 2017 and will continue for approximately eight months.  Meanwhile, the sanctuary and the nave have been conserved and all necessary painting is complete.  The choir area and the arch will be conserved after the tower phase is complete.  The north and south transepts will be refurbished when the level of damp in the wall is reduced to an acceptable level.

The phases are:

  1. Secure the structural shell of the building.  The tower will have to wait until there are funds available to cover the work.
  2. Conserve the interior of the sanctuary and choir (and associated services).  This is the next phase of the project when the north nave is completed.
  3. Conserve the interior of the transepts (and associated services)
  4. Conserve the nave (and associated services)
  5. Refurbish the clock, carillon & bells within the belfry
  6. Refurbish the railings and the perimeter of the grounds of the church
  7. Conserve the historic textiles used in the services.

The Select Vestry is being advised by its Fabric Committee established in 2013 to be responsible for the building and its contents. The members are Alistair Rowan, Mary Heffernan, Padraig O’Rourke, Fr. Andrew McCroskery, and Barbara Bergin.

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